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Centennial Bermuda Foundation

Centennial Bermuda Foundation is committed to making a significant positive impact in Bermuda through its philanthropic efforts. The foundation envisions a holistic approach to community development, with a focus on five key areas: Community Health, Cultural & Community Connections, Economic Participation, Fundamental Needs, and Public Education. This comprehensive strategy reflects a dedication to addressing various aspects of societal well-being.

One of the foundation's primary objectives is to provide scholarships, with a particular emphasis on financial need alongside academic merit. This dual focus ensures that educational and personal development opportunities are accessible to a diverse range of individuals, contributing to a more equitable and inclusive society. The foundation recognizes that investing in education not only benefits individuals but also plays a crucial role in enhancing the overall well-being and prosperity of the community. Through its initiatives, the Centennial Bermuda Foundation aims to foster positive change and create a lasting impact in Bermuda.